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A Comedian Saved my MomSanity

They say compromise comes with marriage, but it's hardly ever mentioned how the real compromise comes with having kids. Now, since this is my first blog post, I should mention that I absolutely adore my kids. They are the light of my life, the apple of my eye, the reason for my existence, I could go on, but you know what I mean.

The compromises we make because of these tiny humans is just astounding though, right? They take over our lives, our houses, our cars. They unknowingly govern our days and decisions, and push us to compromise on so many things we said we'd NEVER do/say/think. As a Mom, you simply have to come to terms with the fact that your time is no longer yours, showers quickly become a luxury, ('Showers' are now 3 minute 'Rinse Offs'. I still get the job done, but at a much, MUCH faster pace) or that you may never have that gorgeous living room set you've been dreaming about.

That same living room is the one that you envisioned being well organized, clean, beautifully arranged with a white and grey color palette with a touch of aqua blue. It smells like a fancy hotel and when guests visit, they compliment you on how delicious the coffee is. Reality is you've actually considered going ahead and opening a day care in your house. I mean, you've got toys EVERYwhere, a changing station and a couple of beds for Nap Time - you're good to go! If this makes you laugh and maybe even cry a little, rest assured, my friend. You and I are in good company.

After spending the first two or so years of motherhood wondering if my house would EVER stay clean, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my situation wasn't any different than what was going on in a celebrity's life. Scrolling through Instagram relishing the 4 minutes I had to myself one day, I got to the page of one of my favorite comedians. She was dancing in her living room with her baby and in the background I could see her kitchen bar. To my sincere surprise, her living room was also a baby infused disaster, just like mine! Toys were strewn all over the place, a baby gate was right in the middle of it all and her kitchen bar was jam packed with a whole bunch of shtuff! Ohhhh...the relief I felt to know that even a celebrity's dreams for a gorgeous living room were quickly dashed by a tiny human! I got a bit of my MomSanity back that day knowing that I wasn't the only one compromising like a mother.

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