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Wife. Mom. Friend. Entrepreneur. 

My career started off with a bang!  I was the youngest program director hired by an AZ-based non-profit right out of college. At 26 I was brought on as the youngest education manager ever hired by the leading international education organization responsible for widely recognized programs and exams. During this time I got married and after 4 difficult years, I divorced.  On the day my divorce was finalized I joined the 7th largest school district in the country to lead their college readiness efforts and during my time there my team and I helped the district win a highly coveted national college readiness award.  After a decade in education, I decided it was time for me to do something DIFFERENT.

Along came the love of my life, marriage, Mommyhood and all of the JOYS, TEARS, LOVE and FRUSTRATIONS that come with being in this new and unfamiliar space. During that time I often found myself feeling overwhelming content for a life I had dreamed of and the relentless insecurity of having felt as if I'd completely lost my IDENTITY. All the while, I made my physical and mental health an absolute priority and learned to be OK with what that meant for me during each phase.  HONESTLY though, I felt the VOID. I felt it. Once I began to truly listen to that inner me crying, no, SCREAMING to get back to the vigorous and driven self I had always been and sought to be a more robust version of who I once was, EVERYTHING BEGAN TO FALL INTO PLACE.

Health & Life Coaching is what I was born to do.  I LOVE it when someone examines their life and decides to change for the better - that excitement drives me and my work.  I fully understand and, more importantly, highly ESTEEM you for willing to make positive changes in your life to improve yourself and your health. Let's work together and make the amazing, old you beam with pride over what you've become.

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